Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A Horrible Way to Die festival poster art!

So, Travis and designer Yen Tan put together some poster art for our festival run, using one of our still photographs by Taylor Glascock to create the lettering for our title. It's pretty cool. Actual, physical posters should be arriving any day now, whereupon we will be promptly arrested for pasting them over traffic signs in Toronto to promote our premiere.

We offered this poster art to various websites as exclusives, along with some stills from the movie, so instead of posting the art here, I'm just going to link to some sites where you can see it. Hope that's not too annoying, but they're supporting us, so the least we can do is support them.

And of course, our own associate producer Brad Miska's Bloody-Disgusting, complete with a delightful disclosure notice, as well as our Toronto showtimes. Journalist integrity 4ever!

You can check out all those and more, as various websites start to cover our delightful little film. Travis, now working with our sales company Celluloid Nightmares, coordinated all this with our publicists at Prodigy PR, and we are hugely grateful to all of the websites and media who are reporting news on our film and its premiere. Hopefully the interest will only build from here.

I'm very excited.


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