Thursday, February 18, 2010


Okay, details have been established for our auditions: We are holding our auditions at Charters Lecture Hall on the Stephens College Campus this Saturday and Sunday (February 20 and 21) from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. both days. The address there is 1400 E. Broadway, Columbia, MO 65215, but basically you want to through the glass doors on the north side of Broadway at the intersection of Broadway and Dorsey (that's how this was explained to me) and then you'll see our signs or possibly just us. We chose this location because it should be quiet and comfortable and also it's near enough to downtown and the MU campus that it should be easy for everyone to find. If you have any ability or interest in acting, you should definitely drop by. Hell, even if you don't, just come and say hello. Chances are we'll cast you anyway.


Friday, February 12, 2010

casting flier

This is our new casting flier, which Jen made for us. Location is still TBA, but will be announced soon. In the meantime, please feel free to print these out and litter the town with them.


Thursday, February 11, 2010

hey, actors

Awesome amount of responses from everybody, thanks so much. This is going to be a fun process.

A minor note: It would be pretty helpful if, when you get in touch with us, if you could include a photo right away. Some people are doing this, others are not. It's really helpful, allows us to put a face to your name immediately and start thinking of what parts you could physically fit before we meet you. Like I've said, we are casting all types, so it's nice to start organizing these things in advance.

Similarly, one of the best ways to get in touch with us is on Facebook. Then we can see all your photos and stuff. Again, some people have done this, others have not. I just wanted to reiterate that it's cool. Friend me or whatever, I don't care, and I'm 31 years old so I don't have too many Facebook friends. My profile is here:

Below is a photo of me in my largest film performance to date. I played a dead body in a film that I wrote and produced. I was quite convincing, but don't be intimidated.

That's all, gotta run. Thanks!


Tuesday, February 9, 2010

casting - more details

Okay, so I probably should have clarified this at some point. We are looking for basically all types of actors. We are hoping to cast about 35 speaking parts locally and have significant non-speaking roles as well. We will be doing auditions on Saturday, February 20 and Sunday, February 21 at [edit - still working on the location of these auditions, will announce shortly] - but we will be casting outside of those periods as well.

The best way to get in touch with us is the email address If you email us there, we will get back in touch with you promptly unless we are very busy, which is often the case, but we are doing our very best to be responsive. Thanks to everyone who has responded so far.

This movie is going to be really awesome and kind of a big deal in a non-ironic sense, so I think I can promise that anyone who works on it will be proud to have done so.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Casting in Columbia, MO

It's, like, one in the morning and I got on a plane fifteen hours ago, so this first post is going to be succinct due to sheer exhaustion. We are shooting a feature film in Columbia, Missouri this March, starting in a couple of weeks. It is a thriller entitled A Horrible Way to Die. This film will be written and produced by me, Simon Barrett. You can view my feature film credits on my IMDb page at I also have a blog at and a Twitter feed at

Adam Wingard is directing. His IMDb page is at and there's a fine Twitch article about him, compiling some of his early YouTube shorts, here. You should check that out. You can also Google both of us for more information, obviously.

Our other producers are Travis Stevens ( and Kim Sherman, who is producing for us locally. Kim was the producer of 10 Hours a Week, a feature film that shot in Columbia last summer, as well as this White Rabbits video, among others. Travis is involved in about eight other feature films that are shooting this year and most recently was a producer on Summer's Moon, which starred that cute girl from Twilight who won't return my phone calls.

As you can see, despite my inability to type a coherent sentence right now, we have legitimate credits, and we would not be making this film if we did not have reasons to believe that it will be distributed internationally. That said, this is a bit of a creative experiment for us, to make a very low budget film with no studio interference. We are going to be doing local casting over the next couple of weeks, and we would love to cast as many of our roles as possible with local actors. Although I now reside in Los Angeles, Columbia is my hometown and I have always wanted to shoot a production here due to the vast talent resources available in this town. That was a lame sentence, but I can't think of any better way to phrase it.

If you are a local actor or think you might like to help out with this film in any way, please hit us up at, contact me via Twitter or Facebook, or just come find us at Ragtag, where we will be lurking most evenings until production begins.

I will try to follow up this post with another entry providing more details regarding our production, and will continue to update this blog as time allows, but we're kind of busy finding locations and stuff and I have two other screenplay projects due, so for now this will have to suffice.