Friday, March 12, 2010

And if you don't know, better ask somebody.

So, like, we're in the news. Our producer Travis let a few people know about the movie, and looked what happened. Gosh. He's keeping me apprised of these stories, so I may add a few more at a later time... We're probably going to start being more secretive about the film after this, just so people are eventually able to enjoy it as much as possible, but if any more articles crop up, I'll post them on this page.


(Photographs by Taylor Glascock)

Saturday, March 6, 2010

okay, so, we're filming

Nobody's updated this blog page in awhile because there's only a handful of people doing everything on this movie, and one of them's me, which means that updating this blog occasionally gets prioritized beneath finding actors, locations, crew members, equipment and places to cry myself to sleep. However, we are currently on day four of our eighteen day shoot, so if you see anyone running around Columbia, MO with cameras, chasing a disheveled man with fake blood all over him, well, that's us. And in general we would appreciate it if you did not call the police on us. Our shoot wraps on March 22, so if you see something like that after March 22, by all means go ahead and call the cops. Not before, though.

Shooting's going great, we're making our days and everything's awesome. I am just a tad tired and I have lost my voice from screaming obscenities at our crew, but everything's going to be terrific. Really.

Thanks to everyone who came out to our auditions or told anyone else to - we're still finding places for some of you, and have rewritten some roles to fit some of the amazing people we found - and thanks to anyone who's working for us for free or letting us use their locations. There will be vastly more extensive gratitude doled out later - and in our credits - but for now we're all just amazed at how nice everyone in Columbia has been to us. Hopefully we won't wear out our welcome in the next three weeks.

Sincerely yours,