Thursday, February 11, 2010

hey, actors

Awesome amount of responses from everybody, thanks so much. This is going to be a fun process.

A minor note: It would be pretty helpful if, when you get in touch with us, if you could include a photo right away. Some people are doing this, others are not. It's really helpful, allows us to put a face to your name immediately and start thinking of what parts you could physically fit before we meet you. Like I've said, we are casting all types, so it's nice to start organizing these things in advance.

Similarly, one of the best ways to get in touch with us is on Facebook. Then we can see all your photos and stuff. Again, some people have done this, others have not. I just wanted to reiterate that it's cool. Friend me or whatever, I don't care, and I'm 31 years old so I don't have too many Facebook friends. My profile is here:

Below is a photo of me in my largest film performance to date. I played a dead body in a film that I wrote and produced. I was quite convincing, but don't be intimidated.

That's all, gotta run. Thanks!


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